Pictures are licensed under a Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
Attribution. You must give the original author credit.
Noncommercial. You may not use this work for commercial purposes.

All the pictures in the catalog of are licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial Creative Commons License. You can copy and modify my pictures for non-commercial purposes as long as you give me credit.

Work covered

Only pictures in the catalog and their descriptions are covered under the license. Logos, journals, and any other work is not covered.


If you use on a web site, put attribution "(C)" and link to next (sides, top or bottom) of each picture using a font size and color that are equivalent or more visible than majority of text on the page.

If you use the pictures on print or any other medium that you cannot link, include the text "(C) []" next to the picture.

If you don't want to put attribution, a separate license is available for a license fee.

Commercial use

Commercial use includes web sites with revenue-generating ads. If you want to use for any revenue-generating purpose, a separate license is available for a license fee.

Pictures with a larger resolution and without watermark

Higher resolution (bigger) pictures and those without watermark ("" on the pictures) are available for a license fee.

For inqury about commercial license and any comments, send e-mail.

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The pictures are licensed under a Creative Commons License.
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